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Crystal Wizard Support and Help

If you have a question about how to play Crystal Wizard, first check in the How to Play section in the Crystal Wizard game itself. It's also a good idea to watch the in-game tutorial for some play tips that you might have missed. If you have a technical problem, first check the FAQ below. If you need further assistance, email

Crystal Wizard FAQ and Tips

How do I throw the ball?
Click the left mouse button and keep holding it in, then drag the mouse and a crosshair will appear. The crosshair shows where the ball will go. Aim the crosshair by mving the mouse. Let go of the mouse button to throw the ball.

What version of DirectX needs to be installed?
Crystal Wizard will work with any version of DirectX.

How do I get past the 'Clear all of the balls' levels?
Try to eliminate all of one ball color at a time. Once all balls of one color are gone, no more of that ball color will be used for the next ball color.

How do I get past the 'Hit the target' levels?
Being able to slingshot the ball will be essential as you reach the higher levels in the game, especially for these types of levels. Use the walls to bank the ball. You can also bank the ball off of stacks of balls.

How do I get past the 'Score X amount of points' levels?
Try for chain reactions wherever possible. If there's a coin on the screen, try to get it, if it's within reach. For really big points, get multiple chain reactions with coins.

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